Do Minors Need Travel Insurance?

It is not uncommon for children to travel on their own these days. For instance, your child might get selected for an intra-school sports event or competition that sees them needing to travel to another city. Or, they might get the chance of a lifetime to head on a student conference internationally. As a parent, you would naturally be thrilled at the opportunity that awaits your child. While packing their bags and making sure that they have all their documents in order, don’t forget to secure their journey with travel insurance too.

The fact that children too need certain kinds of insurance often gets overlooked. A perfect example of this need for coverage can be seen in situations such as when a child needs to travel on their own. Technically, they might still have their teacher or school-appointed supervisor to accompany them on the trip. But there are certain situations in which a parent’s help might be needed.

For instance, what if you child accidently breaks something valuable in a shop?

Or, what if they require emergency medical assistance on the trip?

A travel insurance policy can truly prove handy in such situations.

So, what features do you look for in travel insurance for minors?

Ideally, a travel insurance plan should cover the insured individual holistically, whether an adult or child. Let’s take a look at some important features to look for in a travel insurance plan.

  • Loss of passport

Believe it or not, passports do get lost quite often. This can be distressing enough for any adult; imagine the situation if it happens to your child. Fortunately, travel insurance covers you for loss of passport. The coverage will provide for the expenses involved in getting an emergency certificate so that your child can travel safely back home and then, also cover the expenses for a replacement passport.

  • Loss of baggage

Finding out that checked-in baggage has not reached the destination safely can be truly worrying. A good travel insurance plan will at least help shoulder the financial losses thus suffered by you for any delay or loss of checked-in baggage.

  • Personal liability

A good travel insurance plan should also offer liability cover. In case your child drops or breaks something and/or injures someone unintentionally, your travel insurance should pick up the bill for personal liability.

  • Emergency medical and dental expenses

If your child falls sick while away from home, it can truly leave you worried as to whether they are getting all the help they need. Having travel insurance will ensure that your child gets coverage for any emergency medical treatment or emergency dental procedure. As we know, healthcare in foreign countries can be extremely costly. Arranging the funds at the last minute might see your child lose precious minutes. In such situations travel insurance will have your back by ensuring your child gets the health care they need, without you needing to worry about the cost. Do also check whether the travel insurance plan you select includes personal accident cover.

Finally, when sending your child on a trip, make sure that they have your home number written down somewhere safe. Also keep the contact details of the teacher accompanying them on hand at all times.

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