7 Materials Used for Plant Containers

While indoor and outdoor plants have become a trend, most of the people also take care of the type of pot they are planting their plant into. Different types of plant pots have gradually become popular among people and there are a large variety of plant pots  available in the market these days. From colorful planters of plastic to the more aesthetic wooden ones, there are different types of plant pots that one can choose from. One of the best ways to design a planter is to repurpose old containers and  mould them into your own creativity. Here are different types of materials  plant pots are made of.

Terracotta or Ceramic Pots: The term terracotta refers to an unglazed somewhat porous ceramic made from clay. The reddish brown clay pots that you see in almost every  garden are made of  this material. Some terracotta planters also have a glazed surface on the inside. These are made of denser,  less porous earthen materials and are  glazed both outside and inside.

Fiberglass Containers: Equally lightweight like plastic pots, fiberglass containers can also be mistaken for  plastic containers. Fiberglass planting pots are also synthetic but made of molded plastic and formed from fiberglass fibers mixed with resin that are formed into various shapes. You may also mistake them  for concrete, terra cotta or even wood and the versatility of the material is unmatchable.

Wooden Containers: A natural building material, wood is also used to make planting pots and containers. The style of these pots can range from super modern to very traditional and the sizes may vary. If you are looking for a custom size container or a pot of matching colors,  wood may be the easiest and cheapest choice. These containers are  properly constructed, well-maintained and last for many years. Woods like cedar, redwood, and pine are used for similar purposes.

Metal Planters: Offering a contemporary vibe to the interior and exterior of your home, metal planters look absolutely  fabulous. From giant feed troughs and brushed modern steel boxes to tin cans, there are a large  number of looks and styles of metal containers. And a repurposed file cabinet can even become a good planting container. Painted, brushed or shiny metal surfaces work well as plant pots.

Plastic Plant Pots: A uniquely diverse material for planting containers, plastic is extremely attractive and high-end and other plastic containers are admittedly cheap and ugly. Plastic planting containers are always practical, be it a premium decorative foam plastic or just a repurpose five-gallon pail, these containers come in different sizes, shapes and colors  leaving you spoiled for choices.

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